Author: Bernell E. Baldwin, PhD.

What Makes Fresh Air Fresh?

You’ve likely heard that we can live weeks without food, days without water, but only minutes without oxygen—unless, of course, your brain is cold. In Argentina, when a baby born three months prematurely was pronounced dead by two doctors, her tiny coffin was placed in a morgue refrigerator. That night, with mother’s insistence, her father pried open the box of death. The baby was alive! Cold had reduced the need for oxygen and saved her life. Air without life-giving oxygen is like a tire without air—flat. Air is a gaseous ocean for life. No air, no life.

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Muscle Menaces: What Causes Muscle Weakness?

Economy will shrink sometimes. There is one investment that we can control, to a large extent, and one that we can’t afford to neglect! How you manage your muscles now might affect your future more than you realize. Because muscle strength is directly associated with functionality and independence, shrinking skeletal muscle mass can lead to declining health.

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Nutritional Oncology

  • In spite of the following facts:

In the U.S.A.

  • The cruelty of cancer touches about one in three people.
  • One out of eight women develop cancer of the breast.
  • One in 6 men who are older than 70 years, gets cancer of the prostate.
  • Cancer is the number 2 cause of death.
  • It is the most feared of all diseases.

There is more than hope—there is help, now!

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Live Better and Longer

Dinner is served. Grandmother Sally, alert and happy, is facing her first meal, in some time, at her son’s California ranch style home. Her son Clyde is a comfortably settled dairy cattleman who loves his wife Lela’s cooking, a bit too much—Uncle Clyde believes in eating generously.

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