Author: Dorothea Sarli, MS, RD

Plant-Based Protein: IS IT ENOUGH?

She’s not going to make it,” the nurses whispered. “Someone call her parents to come get the baby.” As the young mother’s condition worsened, her parents did their best to save the life of her newborn, Wesley. Deathly ill from typhoid fever, Wesley was too weak to suck, but took his milk through a medicine dropper.

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Got Calcium?

When you think of calcium, what’s the first food that comes to your mind? Milk, right? But what if you avoid milk products? Can you still get enough calcium?


The amount of calcium the body needs each day is still debated by scientists. The current US recommendation is 1,000 milligrams a day for most adults, and higher for teens and for women past menopause.((Office of Dietary Supplements.

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