Author: Poliana V. Vale, M.D.

Can Your Good Cholesterol Go Bad?

Nearly half of people who get heart attacks have healthy cholesterol levels. Up to 65% of cardiovascular death cannot be prevented by assumed or supposed LDL-C lowering agents. Multiple clinical studies have identified individuals with a significant coronary artery disease despite normal or elevated levels of HDL.

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Proven Strategies to Defeat Inflammation

Persistent inflammation fuels most chronic disease and is a major player in the complications of viral illness such as the coronavirus. If you have a chronic disease–arthritis, diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis, diabetes, obesity, or chronic major depression, these science-validated suggestions will help you defeat inflammation and improve!

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Proven, Physical Strategies for Stress Relief

A stressor, among other definitions, is a violation of any law that governs our beings. So, in this article, we will consider physical laws that we often overlook. If we want less stress and superior coping ability, we need to find ways to incorporate these laws into our lives. When we do, the dividends for us (and those that we relate to) will be huge! However, when we don’t, we could end up physically and mentally bankrupt.

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Six Mental Strategies for Stress Relief

Adjust Your Perspective

At a women’s conference, prime front seats were erroneously double-ticketed. Many of the ladies who had previously arranged for front seats were delegated to the back. Their unhappiness with the seating arrangements threatened to derail the positive tone of the meeting. Apologies were made but to no avail. Then the chairwoman had an idea. The next speaker was Joni Eareckson Tada, a quadriplegic, who has spent more than several decades in a wheelchair.

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Cancer: Does a Vegetarian Diet Help?

If you had a magic pill that would reduce your risk for cancer between 30% or more, the threat from dying from heart disease by 32%, reduce your risk for type 2 diabetes by 47-78 %, and taste good—wouldn’t you take it? In this article we will show how a vegetarian diet can improve the quality of your life by reducing your cancer risks and help your prognosis if you have cancer. After all, 38% of Americans will develop cancer sometime during their lives.

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Seven Facts about Salt Your Doctor Won’t Tell You

Salt affects blood pressure.  If you are deficient in sodium, your blood pressure can drop too low! However, if you regularly consumed salty and sodium-rich processed foods, you can increase your risk for five other medical conditions besides hypertension!  Find out which conditions. Discover what lifestyle habit overrides the benefit of a low sodium diet for high blood pressure.

How to Make Low-Sodium Diets Ineffective

Many individuals who have high blood pressure are salt sensitive. They retain more sodium than normal. Sodium and salt restriction help to reduce blood pressure levels in these individuals. Right? Correct, unless they are engaged in shift work or follow an irregular schedule. Evidence please! Blood pressure usually decreases when we sleep.

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How to Diffuse Your Body’s Time Bomb

The adage, “a time for everything and everything on time,” is also an excellent health tip. How does following a regular schedule help us? Circadian rhythms are the 24-hour, day-night cycles that impact the efficiency of our biological processes occurring in our cells, tissues, and organs. Not only do we have 24-hour rhythms; we have 12-hours rhythms as well. Aging disturbs our circadian rhythm and body clocks.

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Steps to Success in Dealing with Stress

You have just received a letter informing you that you are way behind on your taxes, and as you’re reading that letter, the phone rings and a coworker tells you that you’re expected to make a big presentation tomorrow that you didn’t know about. Your wife is having surgery and the kids are running wild through the house. Suddenly you feel a knot in the pit of your stomach. A cold sweat starts to form between your eyebrows and you can feel every inch of your body tighten up. Your mind begins to race.

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Better than Medicine: Good Boundaries

Learning how to set well-defined boundaries is essential for successful stress management. Wise boundary setting potentially solves conflicts, causes peace of mind, and improves relationships. In fact, wise boundary setting improves every aspect of our health including physical, mental, social, and certainly spiritual health. Establishing good boundaries is definitely a skill everyone can benefit from having!

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