Author: Poliana V. Vale, M.D.

Natural Remedies for Hypothyroidism

Suppose you own one Master Factory that produces two powerful energy-regulating compounds that regulate all the chemical processes in all your cells for the rest of your life. Powerful compounds, right?  Now, imagine some weapon attacks your Master Factory so less of those valuable compounds are being produced. Fiction?  Hardly! The butterfly-shaped gland in your neck produces thyroid hormone (T3 and T4). Since they control the way your body uses energy and your chemical processes, the thyroid hormones affect all cells and major organs in the body.

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Can Type 2 Diabetes Be Reversed?

Worse than an epidemic! In 2015, 30.3 million Americans, or 9.4% of the population, had diabetes. Approximately 1.25 million American children and adults have type 1 diabetes.  In 2015, 84.1 million Americans age 18 and older had prediabetes. Diabetes remains the 7th leading cause of death in the United States in 2015. Worldwide, 371 million people have diabetes.

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So, What Do I Do if I Have Diabetes?

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes mellitus, it is not the end of the world. Diabetes is a serious threat to health and wellbeing. Untamed, it can rob you of every one of the natural physical pleasures of life; but it doesn’t have to. Here are some facts and tips worth knowing. On average, at the time of diagnosis of type 2 diabetes, most people have already had the condition or pre-condition for 6 to 10 years! But, the sooner you know, the greater the chance it can be reversed.

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Romantic Love That Lasts a Lifetime

(Adapted from a portion of a series by George Uba, entitled “When Love Comes Home.”)

Nearly every married couple seeks a fulfilling relationship that includes unity, true intimacy, joy, optimism, and that inexplicable admiration experienced by all those who are in love. All of these aspects (and more) constitute the vibrant, romantic love that is so crucial to the marriage relationship.

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The Ultimate Weight-Loss Beverage

Researchers have shown that drinking 500ml of water (two cups) half an hour before eating the main meal may help obese adults to lose weight. In one study obese participants were given a weight management consultation being advised on how to adapt their lifestyle and improve their diet and levels of physical activity. 41 participants were asked to preload with water, and 43 were advised to imagine that they had a full stomach before eating.

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Reducing Your Risk for the Deadly Metabolic Syndrome

What happens in a Syndrome-Laden society? Do we tend to “tune it out” when another one is named? Metabolic syndrome deserves serious attention, for one out of five adult Americans and one out of eight school-age children has it. This dangerous pandemic pushes millions down the slippery slope to heart attacks, stroke, diabetes, and early death. A quarter of the world’s population has it. If you don’t, you probably know someone who does have it.

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Amazing Multi-Tasker

Under the diaphragm, in the right upper abdomen is the liver which receives twenty percent of the blood pumped each minute by the heart. All the blood from key abdominal organs must be filtered and cleansed by the liver before returning to the heart. In fact, every minute, the liver detoxifies about two quarts of blood.

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Will Juicing Help You Detoxify?

The Benefits of Juicing

Is juicing a health fad or a genuine therapeutic remedy?

If you don’t like eating raw fruits and veggies, juicing them or blending them into a smoothie could help you meet your nutritional needs. Freshly-made juices are a source of concentrated nutrients and many phytochemicals. Unfortunately, this is not true for commercial, store-bought juices.

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The Anti-inflammatory Diet for a New You

Do you have it? You do if you have allergies, asthma, arthritis, gum disease, peptic ulcers, atherosclerosis, diabetes, cancer, obesity, or an auto-immune condition. Have what? Inflammation. Inflammation initially starts as a protective mechanism that prevents the spread of disease, persistent inflammation fuels practically all chronic diseases and acute ones, too.

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