Author: Winston Craig, R.D., PhD.

Green Power: Foods for the Future Health

Green vegetables are literally a gold mine of nutrients and phytochemicals. So why does the average American eat green leafy vegetables only once or twice a week? Why are cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, turnip greens, arugula, and collards rarely seen at the American dinner table? Green is the future, and green vegetables must be a part of that future. Green vegetables are an inexpensive source of so many important nutrients, but in addition, their production does not harm the environment as animal production does.

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Is There A Flaw To Going All Raw?

Why are so many people switching off their stoves and turning to raw foods? Adherents of the raw food diet are steadily growing. Some believe that a raw food diet is the most healthful diet and the one that most closely resembles the original diet. Others believe that raw foods have curative and health-promoting properties not afforded by a diet containing cooked foods.

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Building Your Bone Bank

Ten million Americans over the age of 50 experience osteoporosis, and about 44 million more have bone mass below normal.  Many people mistakenly believe these are all women, but of those with osteoporosis, two million are men and another 12 million men are in the at-risk group!  Yet, half of all women over 50 who have low bone mass will suffer a fracture of their hip, spine, or wrist sometime during their lifetime. Indeed one out of two women and one out of four men will break a bone due to osteoporosis.

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