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The 490 Forgiveness Solution

At this very moment, as you read these words, someone you know (perhaps you?) is struggling with pain. We know the stories all too well: the heart-broken parent who buried a child; a spouse who unexpectedly received divorce papers; a friend who betrayed a confidence; or the cell phone user who caused the accident that ended the life of a loved one. These stories of pain, injustice, and the struggle for healing abound. How do we cope with deep wounds too painful to ignore?

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Free At Last! The Healing Process of Forgiveness

Forgiveness Promotes Health

Studies show that people who forgive, as contrasted to those who harbor grudges and anger, have slower heart rates, lower blood pressures, improved sleep, and less stress and depression. They have less somatic complaints like headaches and muscle pains. They generally have better working relationships with others than those who do not forgive. In contrast, holding a grudge places a significant amount of stress on your body just as any major stressful event would. Just imaging forgiving an offender significantly improves blood flow to the pre-frontal cortex, the CEO of the brain.

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Stories of Hope: The Case of Confused Labels

Perhaps you have heard the story, but I want to give it a different slant with a new and (I hope) inspiring story. When Thomas Edison was a boy, his teacher sent his mom a letter informing her that since her son was addled (mentally retarded), there was no further need of him attending school. When young Thomas queried his mother about the letter, she replied that the teacher wrote that since her son was a genius; it was beyond their capacity to teach Thomas. Years later as he was sorting through his deceased mother’s belongings, the world- renowned inventor found that letter.

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Reverse Diabetes

Ken L: For the last 30 years I have had diabetes. As a retirement gift, my wife offered to send me to Wildwood Lifestyle program so that I could learn how to reverse my diabetes. The initial examination by the physician indicated more ailments than diabetes, and an MRI confirmed I had two Warthin tumors, which other physicians had not picked up on during a previous examination just days before.

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Decrease Pain, Regain Energy

Emilie B: I had given up on my personal physician who said it was just stress that I was dealing with. I was concerned about the chest and abdominal pain that I was experiencing. It was God’s perfect timing and provision that brought me to Lifestyle Center.

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Normalize Blood Pressure

Harriet J: My battle with hypertension is what brought me to Wildwood. As a result of my participation in the Lifestyle program I have learned how to eat properly. I am very happy that my blood pressure has dropped considerably, due to the new lifestyle that I have learned, and the herbs that were prescribed for me.

Overcome Depression, Lower Cholesterol, Blood Pressure & Triglycerides

Daniel A: Prior to coming to Wildwood I battled with chronic depression, elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure, and triglycerides. As a result of my time in the Lifestyle program my health is much better. I have learned how to address and fight the depression, and my moods are much better. Also, my cholesterol, blood pressure, and triglycerides are lower. Through daily interactions with the Wildwood staff I have found my Christian faith rekindled. All round, I am in much better shape physically, mentally, and spiritually.

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