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Health Benefits from Marvelous Millet

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Want to try a delicious alkaline and gluten-free cereal for a change? Studies indicate that millet actually targets diabetes and inflammation. Providing a good amount of magnesium, phosphorus, protein, fiber, and anti-oxidants, this tasty cereal is certainly nutritious. The Hunzas, who are known for their excellent health and longevity, consume millet as a regular staple in their diet.

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True or False? Low Carb Diets Are Good for You!

You have seen it on Facebook postings, read it on the internet, heard it on the news: “Carbs are bad for you if you are trying to lose weight.” Pundits advocating a low carbohydrate diet condemned the consumption of starches. They say that even whole grains sabotage your health. Consuming a high protein diet does assist in weight loss, but is it the very best choice? Does the type of protein we eat make a difference in our desired goal to achieve health?

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