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Can You Really Afford to Eat Healthfully?

The snack-food industry has taken a couple hits (2012) with Disney’s strict nutritional standards for food advertised on its various outlets. And there is former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s ban on sweetened beverages larger than 16 ounces. But millions across our nation are likely cheered along with former first lady Michelle Obama that childhood obesity may be diminishing with this era.

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Is There A Flaw To Going All Raw?

Why are so many people switching off their stoves and turning to raw foods? Adherents of the raw food diet are steadily growing. Some believe that a raw food diet is the most healthful diet and the one that most closely resembles the original diet. Others believe that raw foods have curative and health-promoting properties not afforded by a diet containing cooked foods.

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Can Food Labels Really Be Trusted?

Stop and read even when you see:

Natural: A product labeled as “natural” must not contain synthetic or artificial ingredients, according to FDA policy. However, it may still contain pesticides, genetically modified ingredients, high fructose corn syrup, and be heavily processed, which negates what many consumers think of as natural. It may not then constitute a healthful food choice.

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