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How to Lower Cholesterol Levels Naturally

Do you want to lower your cholesterol level naturally and without medication? What is the scientific support that natural strategies work? In this article, we will explain how to lower elevated cholesterol levels by eating delicious and nutrient dense foods.

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Twelve Natural Ways to Improve Gut Health

Discover the amazing contributions of gut bacteria to health and disease. Plus scientifically validated natural remedies that may improve your gut health in just few days!

Your gut provides a home for trillions of bacteria. So far there are 2,000 known species of gut bacteria. The contributions of the gut microflora are astounding for they affect nutrient uptake, metabolism, body clocks, carcinogen detoxification, immune responses, chronic inflammation, and mental health!

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Can Your Good Cholesterol Go Bad?

Nearly half of people who get heart attacks have healthy cholesterol levels. Up to 65% of cardiovascular death cannot be prevented by assumed or supposed LDL-C lowering agents. Multiple clinical studies have identified individuals with a significant coronary artery disease despite normal or elevated levels of HDL.

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