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Healing Benefits of the Hot Foot Bath

This simple and effective hydrotherapy procedure boosts the immune system, helps to lower high blood pressure, improves sleep, and relieves pain from congestive headaches!  Discover how it works.

What is the Hot Foot Bath?

The hot foot bath (HFB) consists of placing the feet in hot water (starting at 100 to 104 degrees F) and applying a cold compress to the head for 15-20 minutes. It is given at temperatures ranging from 100 to 115 degrees F. This treatment can be given with the patient sitting in a chair or lying down. Either way, you need to protect the mattress or floor with a plastic sheet.

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Salt Glow

What is a salt glow? This is a very stimulating procedure that calls for moistened salt rubbed briskly on the skin of the entire body until it gives a pink color to the skin.

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Hydrotherapy: Pain

Pain seems to be a very common word in every language or dialect around the world, for pain is a universal human experience. Almost every person that comes to the Desert Spring Therapy Center in Desert Hot Springs, California, comes with a complaint of pain.

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Contrast Baths for Pain Relief

Do you have arthritis, a sprain, or a broken arm? This treatment could help relieve your pain! Hydrotherapy is the use of water for the treatment of trauma and disease. A contrast bath involves immersing the joint in, and alternating between, hot and cold water. Because heat dilates the blood vessels and cold causes them to get smaller (vasoconstriction), this hydrotherapy treatment helps to increase blood flow in the immersed area, thereby accelerating recovery in the muscles from strenuous exercise.

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