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Seven Facts about Salt Your Doctor Won’t Tell You

Salt affects blood pressure.  If you are deficient in sodium, your blood pressure can drop too low! However, if you regularly consumed salty and sodium-rich processed foods, you can increase your risk for five other medical conditions besides hypertension!  Find out which conditions. Discover what lifestyle habit overrides the benefit of a low sodium diet for high blood pressure.

How to Make Low-Sodium Diets Ineffective

Many individuals who have high blood pressure are salt sensitive. They retain more sodium than normal. Sodium and salt restriction help to reduce blood pressure levels in these individuals. Right? Correct, unless they are engaged in shift work or follow an irregular schedule. Evidence please! Blood pressure usually decreases when we sleep.

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Hypertension: All Fired Up

To defeat high blood pressure or at least prevent its serious complication, we need more than the DASH diet and exercise. In this second article on hypertension, we address the role the nervous system plays in hypertension. To defeat hypertension or at the very minimum, and control it successfully, we need to incorporate lifestyle strategies that help manage stress efficiently.

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Lower High Blood Pressure Naturally

One out three of Americans has hypertension. Worldwide, statistics are not much better. Thirty-one percent of the world’s population has high blood pressure.

Hypertension (HBP) is called the silent killer because often there is no sign or symptom until one develops a major complication from it—heart attack, stroke, or kidney disease. So how can we defeat this stealthy killer? Better yet, how can we prevent it?

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Could Your Gut Impact Your Blood Pressure?

Evidence is mounting that the microorganisms residing in your gut could help determine whether or not you develop hypertension. Researchers have discovered that a specialized receptor, normally found in the nose, is also in the blood vessels throughout the body, sensing small molecules created by your gut microbes. These receptors respond to these gut molecules by increasing blood pressure.

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Five Tips to Lower High Blood Pressure Naturally

1. Skip the canned foods and drinks and eat fresh produce.

As far as possible, avoid canned food or microwaveable foods wrapped in plastic. Why? BPA, a chemical used as an epoxy lining for cans and plastic bottles, has been linked to high blood pressure. BPA can leach into foods and drinks. To those who already have heart disease or hypertension, or other cardiovascular risk factors, just a 5 mm Hg increase in systolic blood pressure can cause significant problems. It is better to store foods in glass rather than plastic containers.

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