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One out of four people who have COVID 19 do not have symptoms. The Center for Disease Control now recommends the use of cloth face masks as talking can spread COVID 19. Here are simple, effective, science-validated and affordable ways to assist the body in this warfare and protect your health from COVID 19 or any virus! (See How to Protect Yourself from Super Viruses, Part 1 for our first article on protection from super viruses).

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Persistent inflammation fuels most chronic disease and is a major player in the complications of viral illness such as the coronavirus. If you have a chronic disease–arthritis, diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis, diabetes, obesity, or chronic major depression, these science-validated suggestions will help you defeat inflammation and improve!

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Cancer cells are smart and are adept at hiding from the immune system. So, how does the body fight cancer? There are cancer-destroying immune cells. Virus zapping cells. Yes, we want these white blood cells known as natural killer cells to be effective in their work of protecting us from cancer. Our lifestyle habits either improve or decrease their effectiveness.

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Lower Your Risk for Autoimmune Diseases

Immunity is the body’s natural defense system against various infectious diseases. In health, the immune system acts like a well-trained guard dog that only attacks enemies but respects its master and his friend. Autoimmune conditions occur when the immune system returns friendly fire on the body’s tissues and organs. What happens when our immune system goes awry, such as in an autoimmune disease? Friendly fire is a military term that refers to when an army inadvertently fires on its own soldiers or supplies.

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Five Strategies to Slow Down Immune Aging

Want to skip the flu and colds this year? You can, if you boost your specific immunity! Specific immunity provides protection from a particular threat by activating lymphocytes and antibodies.  In specific immunity, immune responses are tailor-made to maximally eliminate disease-causing organisms called pathogens. Specific immunity also includes the development of immunological memory, in which each pathogen encountered by the immune system is remembered.

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Lack of Exercise Increases Your Risk of Dying from the Flu

Moderate exercise helps to protect us from influenza, but strenuous, exhaustive exercise increases susceptibility to influenza and other respiratory infections. Hong Kong researchers discovered individuals that never or seldom exercise increased their risk of dying from influenza from between 5½ to 8 times. In contrast, those who exercised frequently decreased their risk by 4 to nearly 6½ times.

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