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15 Ways to Increase Your Fat Burn

We could not live without lifesaving body fat! Too much fat poses definite health hazards. One type of body fat helps you maintain or gain weight. Two other types enable you to rev up your fat burn and lose weight! We need all three! The key is having just the right amount, the right distribution, and the right composition, in just the right places!

What Shapes Fat?

Genetic, lifestyle, metabolic, and environmental factors all contribute to fat composition and disposition. In this article we explore natural but scientifically validated ways to improve our fat burn capacity. To understand the principles regarding fat metabolism we need to review the types of body fat.

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Twelve Natural Ways to Improve Gut Health

Discover the amazing contributions of gut bacteria to health and disease. Plus scientifically validated natural remedies that may improve your gut health in just few days!

Your gut provides a home for trillions of bacteria. So far there are 2,000 known species of gut bacteria. The contributions of the gut microflora are astounding for they affect nutrient uptake, metabolism, body clocks, carcinogen detoxification, immune responses, chronic inflammation, and mental health!

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Blueberries Help Obesity & Diabetes!

Regular blueberry consumption offers eight benefits to those who are obese.  More than one in three adults in Mexico, New Zealand, and the United States are obese. This blog examines the evidence that high regular consumption of this super food can help obesity and stave off its complications.

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The Ultimate Weight-Loss Beverage

Researchers have shown that drinking 500ml of water (two cups) half an hour before eating the main meal may help obese adults to lose weight. In one study obese participants were given a weight management consultation being advised on how to adapt their lifestyle and improve their diet and levels of physical activity. 41 participants were asked to preload with water, and 43 were advised to imagine that they had a full stomach before eating.

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Easy Strategies for Taming the Appetite

Taming the appetite can be challenging for many of us. Without doing so, weight management or successful weight loss are impossible. Learn ten practical, reasonable tips that can help you tame your appetite!

Go Green!

When it goes to fat loss, a calorie does not always equal a calorie. Consider this interesting study. Dieters who adopted a low-calorie vegetarian diet not only lost weight more efficiently than those on conventional low-calorie diets, but they also improved their metabolism by reducing muscle fat. Both groups in this study had reduced fat under the skin. When compared to a standard low-calorie diet, the vegetarians, however, experienced more reduction in the fat that lines the muscles and a considerable reduction of stored fat inside the muscles.

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How Vitamin D Helps Obese Individuals

Chronic inflammation is one of the major factors to obesity’s deadly medical complications. After all, pot-belly fat cells generate pro-inflammatory chemicals. For obese individuals acute exercise activates inflammatory triggers inside the body. Furthermore, obese individuals are at a greater risk for vitamin D deficiency. This complicates matters as vitamin D makes a very important anti-inflammatory hormone.

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Six Weight Loss Tips: What Your Doctor Probably Won’t Tell You

You hear a lot about weight loss. Low carbs, plant-based, Keto, and exercise! Here are some tips that often get overlooked in the discussion!

Cultivate Regular Schedule for Meals, Bedtime, Rising

Disturbed circadian rhythms may encourage obesity and discourage appropriate weight loss.  Your metabolism works better when it is in synch with your body clocks. Light and dark signals control these circadian rhythms. Circadian rhythms help to influence compounds from your gut bacteria. These biorhythms affect your liver’s metabolism and how your body stores fat. Friendly gut flora or bacteria increase production of energy from the food. In contrast, unfriendly gut bacteria cause subclinical inflammation seen in metabolic disorders such as obesity and diabetes. Upset body clocks also increase the risk for complications that result from obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

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Your Secret Weapon for Appetite Control and Weight Loss

Do you struggle with being overweight?  When you eat can be as important as what you eat.  Many of your body clocks run over 24-hour cycles or circadian rhythms. Your body clocks help to govern your metabolism. Time-restricted feeding is a regimen that allows for eating only during a specific period in the normal circadian feeding cycle.

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