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Can’t Sleep? Check Your Diet!

Can’t Sleep? Check Your Diet!

Inadequate and poor quality sleep can contribute to the development of chronic disorders such as hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. What we need is sufficient and uninterrupted time in slow-wave sleep (SWS) and rapid eye movement sleep (REM). During slow-wave sleep there is an extra boost in growth hormone.

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How to Diffuse Your Body’s Time Bomb

The adage, “a time for everything and everything on time,” is also an excellent health tip. How does following a regular schedule help us? Circadian rhythms are the 24-hour, day-night cycles that impact the efficiency of our biological processes occurring in our cells, tissues, and organs. Not only do we have 24-hour rhythms; we have 12-hours rhythms as well. Aging disturbs our circadian rhythm and body clocks.

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Contrast Baths for Pain Relief

Do you have arthritis, a sprain, or a broken arm? This treatment could help relieve your pain! Hydrotherapy is the use of water for the treatment of trauma and disease. A contrast bath involves immersing the joint in, and alternating between, hot and cold water. Because heat dilates the blood vessels and cold causes them to get smaller (vasoconstriction), this hydrotherapy treatment helps to increase blood flow in the immersed area, thereby accelerating recovery in the muscles from strenuous exercise.

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Twelve Lifestyle Tips for Vibrant Skin

The skin is a vital organ. Indeed, with a total area of about 20 square feet, it is the largest organ of our bodies. We cannot live without it. One square inch of  skin is composed of 19 million cells, 625 sweat glands, 90 oil glands, 65 hair follicles, 19,000 sensory cells, and 4 meters of blood vessels. The skin protects, provides immunity, excretes, breathes, and is involved in thermal balance. The outer part of the epidermis helps maintain fluid balance. How can we keep it healthy and slow down its aging?

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Boost Your Opportunities for Happiness

Happiness improves health. The effect of happiness on longevity is comparable to the benefits of not smoking. Happiness does not extend the length of life in seriously ill people but it increases longevity in healthy individuals.

Genuine happiness can protect us from some of the detrimental effects that the sympathetic nervous system and stress, in general, have on our cardiovascular system.

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Maximize Your Energy

Don’t have enough energy? Check out your power plants! Inside all cells are power generators called mitochondria.  They take the glucose we get from eating carbohydrates or the fatty acids we obtain from eating fats and very economically produce ATP, the major energy currency molecule in the body. How can we increase their efficiency?

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How 5 or 10 Minutes Can Improve Your Health

If you are sedentary, a 5 minute exercise break every 2 to 3 hours helps to reverse the negative effects of sitting. (1) Sitting for long periods of time is associated with risk factors such as higher cholesterol levels and greater waist circumferences that can lead to cardiovascular disease. Prolonged sitting substantially reduces the blood flow to the legs and increases your risk for the undesirable clot formation.

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