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Banana Date-Nut Muffin Tops

Muffin tops are always my favorite part of the muffin – Slightly crisp on top and easier to spread with butter or jam. So just make a trayful of tops! You can buy special muffin top pans, or just use a cookie sheet. We’ve kept the recipe small because they are so good fresh from the oven; if you want to double the recipe, extras can be frozen.

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Pumpkin-Orange-Raisin Bread

My husband is a raisin lover, and when it comes to bread—well, it just isn’t bread if it doesn’t have raisins in it. The orange not only gives a wonderful flavor, but the ascorbic acid in the orange makes a lighter bread. I make it in a Bosch bread machine, but it can be made by hand. This recipe makes six or seven loaves: some to eat, some to freeze, and some to give away!

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Tasty Gluten-free Fast Bread

Perhaps you have celiac disease or have a wheat allergy. It is difficult to reduce your consumption on wheat–especially bread. Maybe you want to increase your intake of the natural anti-inflammatory and antidepressant omega-3 fats.  We have developed a delicious recipe that offers both benefits–a waffle that serves as bread substitute, containing no wheat, and consisting of all the best sources of vegan omega-3s.

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