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Pack Easy, Nutritious, and Tasty Vegetarian Lunches

There is good news for both young vegetarians and their parents who eat lunch away from home. More and more schools are offering vegetarian fare, including salad bars and other healthy vegetarian choices. Some schools publish lists of upcoming lunch menus; be sure to scan them to see if your child will have a vegetarian choice. If not, pack their lunch! We understand how challenging it might be for busy working mothers to pack children’s lunches day after day! However, it is a chance to steer your children toward good, simple, healthful nutrition! Your children can even help. They will be more inclined to eat what is packed if they have helped to prepare it themselves. Here are ideas for some fun and easy lunchbox options!

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Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

My mother used to make these, and we all loved them. (And so did our frequent guests.) Using the microwave makes them puff up into little round, crunchy bullets. You can toast them in the oven, but they won’t puff as much.

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