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Cancer: Does a Vegetarian Diet Help?

If you had a magic pill that would reduce your risk for cancer between 30% or more, the threat from dying from heart disease by 32%, reduce your risk for type 2 diabetes by 47-78 %, and taste good—wouldn’t you take it? In this article we will show how a vegetarian diet can improve the quality of your life by reducing your cancer risks and help your prognosis if you have cancer. After all, 38% of Americans will develop cancer sometime during their lives.

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Seven Facts about Salt Your Doctor Won’t Tell You

Salt affects blood pressure.  If you are deficient in sodium, your blood pressure can drop too low! However, if you regularly consumed salty and sodium-rich processed foods, you can increase your risk for five other medical conditions besides hypertension!  Find out which conditions. Discover what lifestyle habit overrides the benefit of a low sodium diet for high blood pressure.

How to Make Low-Sodium Diets Ineffective

Many individuals who have high blood pressure are salt sensitive. They retain more sodium than normal. Sodium and salt restriction help to reduce blood pressure levels in these individuals. Right? Correct, unless they are engaged in shift work or follow an irregular schedule. Evidence please! Blood pressure usually decreases when we sleep.

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Plant-Based Protein: IS IT ENOUGH?

She’s not going to make it,” the nurses whispered. “Someone call her parents to come get the baby.” As the young mother’s condition worsened, her parents did their best to save the life of her newborn, Wesley. Deathly ill from typhoid fever, Wesley was too weak to suck, but took his milk through a medicine dropper.

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Low-Glycemic Foods: Healthful or Hyped?

Imagine a country with two major cities – Alpha and Omega. Alpha had small bouts of precipitation every day throughout the year, while Omega had all of its precipitation in the first two months!

Which of those two cities had more precipitation damage?  What does this have to do with diabetes and the Metabolic Syndrome? Let’s see.

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Gluten-free Diet: Is It for You?

Approximately 30% of all Americans now, either avoid gluten-containing foods or eliminate gluten all together. The popular paleo diet avoids gluten-containing grains and claims that our distant ancestors did not eat them. Even some PBS TV health specials and popular health books advocate such. Are they going too far? Let’s examine the evidence.

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Will Juicing Help You Detoxify?

The Benefits of Juicing

Is juicing a health fad or a genuine therapeutic remedy?

If you don’t like eating raw fruits and veggies, juicing them or blending them into a smoothie could help you meet your nutritional needs. Freshly-made juices are a source of concentrated nutrients and many phytochemicals. Unfortunately, this is not true for commercial, store-bought juices.

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The Satisfying Fast

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You hear a lot about the health benefits of detoxifying your body. Detox programs often include fasting. But really, do you have to suffer all the discomfort of no food intake? What are fasting‘s real benefits? Are there any adverse effects to fasting? Is there a painless way to fast?

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