Protect Yourself Against Corona

10% Off Disease Reversal Program

Now is the time to come to Wildwood Lifestyle Center. COVID-19 is much more dangerous to those who have a pre-existing condition, but there is hope through our 11-day residential Disease Reversal Program.

Reverse Pre-Existing Conditions and Protect Yourself Against Corona

You are at a much higher risk of getting infected by COVID-19 if you have any pre-existing conditions such as hypertension, heart disease, obesity, or diabetes. That’s why we have our 11-day Disease Reversal program. This residential program is tailor-made for people like you. Our providers use natural means and lifestyle change to reverse the disease and boost your immune system so that you can be healthier and better protected against the coronavirus. Besides, if you sign up for any of our programs that we run in June and July 2020, you get 10% off.

How We Can Help You

Lifestyle Change Coaching

Change the lifestyle habits that caused your illness in the first place. Get one-on-one support from a lifestyle coach.

Custom Health Plan

Sit down with a medical provider who prescribes natural remedies, herbs, and lifestyle change, and only conventional medicine when necessary.

Get Off Medicine

As lifestyle change causes your body to heal, our medical providers will try to wean you off your medication whenever possible.

Go Plant-Based

Transition to a plant-based diet with help from a nutritionist. Learn how to prepare healthy meals at home through our cooking classes.

Detailed Lab Work

Discover where improvements in your health can be made through lab work and adjust your custom health plan accordingly.

Hydrotherapy and Massage

Receive treatments with varying water temperatures, an ancient old remedy that has provided healing to millions.

Three-Month Follow-Up Program

We now have a 90-day follow-up program called Health at Home, which we offer to all our guests at no additional cost. Through this online coaching program we will help you continue with your new healthy lifestyle once you have left Wildwood Lifestyle Center.


Success Stories

I came to Wildwood because I knew that I would get what I needed. My blood pressure was high but it’s been stable since I’ve come to Wildwood.
Patricia Ramone


My stage-4 endometrial cancer should have killed me, but the natural treatments at Wildwood saved my life.
Alison McLeod


My blood sugar levels were high and kept climbing. I have been able to get tremendous control over those levels because of Wildwood, which I am so thankful for.
Pastor Leslie Louis


It’s Time to Reverse Your Disease

Ready to Make a Real Change? Let’s Do This Together!

Get 10% off July 2020 programs.