From the very beginning our philosophy at Wildwood Lifestyle Center has been to minister to individuals on all levels, reaching people exactly where they are. We care for them on all levels: physically, mentally, and spiritually. At Wildwood we believe in healing by changing lives, not just treating symptoms. For this reason, we introduce our guests to a healthier lifestyle, one that helps them finally live the life they were always meant to live. Wildwood is a place where modern medicine meets nature’s remedies and lifestyle change. Here one can benefit from scientific evidence-based alternative treatments in a peaceful, caring, and accepting environment.

At Wildwood Lifestyle Center, we don’t just treat our guests during the program. We teach them everything they need to know, so that they can continue living the healthy life that they have obtained during their stay. We cover a wide range of relevant health subjects, such as hydrotherapy, massage, exercise, diet, and botanical medicine. These practical classes help equip them to make better lifestyle choices.

Our medical staff have a thorough knowledge of various diseases, and how to treat those with both conventional medicine and natural remedies, lifestyle changes, and diet.

Guests at our center are enriched by group support from other guests in the program, lifestyle coaches, clergy, and all staff involved with the programs. The lasting friendships that are developed during their stay make their Wildwood experience one that will never be forgotten.

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