This simple and effective hydrotherapy system boosts the immune system, can help to lower high blood pressure, and relieve pain!  Discover how it works!

What is the Hot Footbath?

The hot footbath (HFB) consists of placing the feet in hot water (100 to 110 degrees F) and applying a cold compress to the head for 15-20 minutes. It is given at temperatures ranging from 100-115 degrees F. This treatment can be given with the patient sitting in a chair or lying down. Either way, you need to protect the mattress or floor with plastic.

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One out of four people who have COVID 19 do not have symptoms. The Center for Disease Control now recommends the use of cloth face masks as talking can spread COVID 19. Here are simple, effective, science-validated and affordable ways to assist the body in this warfare and protect your health from COVID 19 or any virus! (See How to Protect Yourself from Super Viruses, Part 1 for our first article on protection from super viruses).

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Are Herbal Remedies Safe and Effective?

The wide array of phytochemicals in many herbs can help to prevent, ease, and aid in healing common ailments, but they can become dangerous if used inappropriately. Even safe herbal remedies have cautions and contraindications. This blog provides good insights that every individual who uses herbal remedies should know!

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