Pineapple Tofu Pudding

by | Last updated May 7, 2024 | Desserts

This delicious pudding is only fruit-sweetened and is free of dairy and eggs. Vegan. If you skip the granola crumbs, it is gluten-free.


1¼-1½ c pineapple juice
1 c hot, cooked millet
2 tbsp cashews
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 tsp salt
¾ c dried pineapple pieces
1 c firm or extra-firm organic Mori Nu tofu


Bring one and one-fourth cups of the juice to a boil with the dried pineapple.
Turn off the heat and let the pineapples soften for five minutes.
Blend all ingredients, except the tofu, until smooth, using a little additional juice as needed to blend ingredients.
Add the tofu to the ingredients in the blender and blend again until smooth.  If needed, add a little more juice to blend.  Tofu gives lightness to the pudding when it is blended for a minute or two.

Various Ways to Serve:

1. Sprinkle one-fourth inch of granola (blended first if finer consistency is preferred) in bottom of flat dish. Spoon pudding over cereal to about one inch thick.  Chill. Add a thickened fruit topping of choice before serving.

2. Stir in one-half to one-cup fruit, such as drained, crushed pineapple, banana slices, or berries, and then chill.

3. Serve as is, or over waffles, French toast, pancakes, or cooked or dry cereal.


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