Life Alignment Program

An 11 or 22-day retreat to improve your mental well-being

Group Counseling Sessions

Lab Tests to Check for Deficiencies


Nutrition for Mental Wellbeing

Daily Exercise

Hot & Cold Hydrotherapy

Room & Board Included

90-day follow up program

Group Counseling Sessions

Get practical tips on how to deal with stress and anxiety by a trained life alignment coach. Get support from others experiencing similar problems during group counseling.

Lab Tests to Check for Deficiencies

Rule out biological causes for depression.  Move forward knowing there's no obstacles to healing.


Improve mental function with activated charcoal poultices, hot and cold hydrotherapy, and plant-based meals.

Nutrition for Mental Wellness

Take hold of one of the most essential factors in your health: your diet. Enjoy daily plant-based meals that promote clear thinking and mental energy.

Succeed with Exercise

Increase endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine production through the simple exercise of walking. Wildwood's 25 miles of trails provide the best environment to improve emotional health.

Hot & Cold Therapy

Calm your nerve system with the restorative effects of hot and cold therapy.

Room & Board Included

All inclusive, enjoy daily delicious vegan meals and sleep soundly in a hotel-quality bed. Get fresh air with a private patio.  See all room options.

90-day Follow up Program

Continue with your new healthy lifestyle after your stay with us.

All this on Wildwood's beautiful 640 acres

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Lake Edna

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I felt like God had betrayed me. The group counseling helped me to reconnect with a loving God. I'm leaving Wildwood just physically restored, but also emotionally, and spiritually.

Cindy S.

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